Increase Sales Velocity & Conversion Rates with

Live Video Chat

2-in-1 solution for your SaaS Hypergrowth:

Turn website visitors to qualified opportunities & Convert free trial users to paying customers through proactive video chat.

1-click no code installation.

First 100 early birds will get 50% discount for 12 months šŸ¤©

Your inbound conversion funnel is broken?

What if there was a way to engage your website visitors when they are at their highest intent to buy and move them through your pipeline straight on your website?

LiveGenie let you "Warm Call" your website visitors and have a live sales coversation with them!

NEVER LOSE MOMENTUM, boost your Lead to Opportunity conversion rates.

Track qualified leads with highest intent to buy

Turning traffic into buying customers is the best way to accelerate your deals velocity and increase your conversion rates.

LiveGenie's lead scoring system will help you track website visitor's behavior and alerts you when your qualified leads are at their highest intent to buy.

Track Visitor's Acquisition Channels
Behaviour & Real-time Buying intent
Time Spent on your Website

Engage your leads & users in Real-time with Live Video Chat

Get face-to-face interactions straight from your website or your software.

Boost your sales via Proactive or Reactive Video & Audio Calls based on your visitor's behaviour.

Close up to twice as many deals and turn trials into customers by engaging with both your leads and users onlive, through a Live demo or Live onboarding experience

Screen Sharing & Whiteboard
Custom Appearance

Ultimate KPIs & Customer insight

Real-time analytics about your team's performance.

Collect and analyze your customer insight by understanding and interpreting customer data, behaviors, and feedback to improve product development and customer support.

Optimize your Outbound Sales Process

with the ultimate alternative to Cold calling.

First 100 early birds will get 50% discount for 12 months šŸ¤©

Other Awesome Features

Web Chat & Call

Chat in real-time with your website visitors or allow them to press a button and call you instantly.


Cobrowse with your users, draw on their screen and understand their needs in real-time.

Book Meetings

LiveGenie integrates with Calendly so your visitors can easily book a meeting with your team.

Customer Insights

LiveGenie helps you understand and interpret your customer data, behaviors, and feedback.


Can also help you increase trial-to-paid conversion rates

Engage your free users at the pique of their interest with
live video chat & cobrowsing and instantly turn them into paying customers.

First 100 early birds will get 50% discount for 12 months šŸ¤©

LiveGenie works on all websites

Copy & paste one line of code and you are ready in 5 minutes. Literally.

Integrations with your Favourite tools

Frequently Asked Question

LiveGenie is an all-in-one solution that allows you to embed one line of code into your website and engage with both your visitors and users onlive with screen sharing and cobrowsing.

We bring people and businesses together with the world's smartest Live video chat solution.

Our mission is to help businesses grow their revenue and reduce costs while building strong relationships.

LiveGenie is compatible with nearly all modern browsers, including mobile devices.

Yes! You'll be able to navigate between pages without any interruption.Ā 

You will never be disconnected from a call because a user clicked on a link.Ā 

Currently we are only accepting early birds so you can sign up for our wailist and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We take data protection and privacy extremely seriously, we are GDPR compliant.Ā 

We're always looking to improve and to add more features. Pop us a message with the feature request and we'll get back to you.

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First 100 early birds will get 50% discount for 12 months šŸ¤©

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